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LISTING EXPIRED Curated directory of the best free resources & tools for non-tech entrepreneurs
About this listing NoCode is a curated directory of the best free resources and tools that can help you create your online business. NoCode specifically only features resources and tools that anyone can use no matter what your skill set or technical ability.

NoCode scours the internet and selects the best free resources and tools so you can focus on creating your business. NoCode features 100+ free resources and tools, all of which have been tried and tested.

NoCode has 1000+ newsletter subscribers and growing as well as an active twitter account with almost 1000 followers. NoCode almost has zero running costs apart from £10 a month in hosting fee. Continued traffic to the site has provided a steady income from mostly affiliate links and advertising.
Financials The seller states this website generates revenue through Advertising.

Revenue Costs Profit
January $369 $0 $369
February $158 $0 $158
March $0 $0 $0
April $105 $0 $105
May $0 $0 $0
June $105 $0 $105
July $105 $0 $105
August $396 $0 $396
September $200 $0 $200
October $0 $0 $0
November $0 $0 $0
December $140 $0 $140
$1,578 $0 $1,578
Site Info
Google Indexed Pages N/A
Google Inbound Links N/A
Alexa Rank 612,940
Alexa Inbound Links N/A
DMOZ Listing N/A
SiteAdvisor Rating Grey
cmd-space 09/20/17 5:27AM

Hi. I saw that almost 23% of your traffic is direct, and an additional 24% is from referral traffic. Can you shed some light on whether those numbers will stay the same post sale, and why? Also, your primary method of monetization is through affiliate links, correct? Are your affiliate links associated with each product you have listed on the site? Would a new owner have to be accepted into their affiliate program to properly maintain the current level of earnings? Thank you for taking the time to respond!

NoCode 09/06/17 10:49AM

Manual process as I need to review them first and decide if they are appropriate for the users of the site.

ryan 09/06/17 6:05AM

I noticed some 'featured' websites at the top of your site. Are these manually added advertisements or do you have some sort of automation process?

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