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Coderbounty accelerates software development in the open source community. We connect developers who want to make money with software creators. Coderbounty makes it easy to get your issues fixed for a low cost. Developers compete for the cash prize, i.e. bounty, to get the issue done fast.

Open source software used to require developers to donate their time to help out a project. Now, with Coderbounty, they can earn money. When project managers need to add a feature to an open source program, they can add the issue and post a bounty that will attract coders to complete it. Coderbounty is the best way to get open source code issues solved and supports innovation in the open source and software industry.

Financials The seller states this website generates revenue through transaction fees.

Revenue Costs Profit
January $140 $2 $138
February $0 $2 $-2
March $28 $2 $26
April $55 $2 $53
May $0 $2 $-2
June $0 $2 $-2
July $50 $2 $48
August $67 $2 $65
September $9 $2 $7
October $21 $2 $19
November $0 $2 $-2
December $88 $2 $86
$458 $24 $434
Site Info
Google Indexed Pages N/A
Google Inbound Links N/A
Alexa Rank 7,648,220
Alexa Inbound Links N/A
DMOZ Listing N/A
SiteAdvisor Rating Grey
sean 09/14/17 2:06AM

@ryan not much, we did some posting on Github issues and got some traffic that way.

ryan 09/11/17 11:47AM

What marketing/promotion have you done for the site?

The current bid is $20

sean 1 Listings New Seller

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