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LISTING EXPIRED Instant messaging introduction service.
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Facebook Messenger automated messaging service. The user simply needs to answer a few questions, then wait for Monday morning for an introduction.

The service is live and has been tested in southeast Asia. The payment flow is enabled through the website.

The only thing left to create a business is traffic generation.

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Monday Morning 09/09/17 5:01PM

No paid users (the service is offered for free as one introduction every Monday, or $7/month for unlimited daily introductions). But, as an initial test, acquired 1500 users in the Philippines through Facebook ads and decent engagement (i.e. interactions between users after a match between users).

ryan 09/09/17 4:47PM

How successful were your tests in Asia?

The current bid is $11

Monday Morning 1 Listings New Seller

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  • PayPal
  • Bidhype Escrow

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